Wishful Thinking: A Eulogy


Dear Friends,

We, the Shocked and Stunned, gather to mourn a death. The death of Hope – an entire generation’s. A promising child strangled before her prime, long before she reached her full potential. All in an effort to make great again that which questionably ever was. She was killed by the most absurd of weapons: an Orange Buffoon wielded by the blind and deaf. Mute Cowards were witness to the murder, and yet, did nothing to save her. Proving true that old adage once again. A hole has been left in our hearts that may never be healed. Nevertheless, we shall try to move forward. All while pretending our ship’s not sinking despite the cries of those overboard

The Performer

I told you that I loved you.

You smiled and kissed me – tried to make me believe that you loved me back. And, oh!

Oh, how I wanted to believe you.

But, your kisses, your touches – they felt empty. And, for the briefest of moments, I wondered.

I wondered about every kiss, about every touch, and if they were meant for her. And, in that moment, I knew a truth.

The truth was that it didn’t matter.

It didn’t matter… because you smiled and kissed me.

And, you tried to make me believe that you loved me back.